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End of Noetic J Article: Matter Mind
RE: [jcs-online]Monday, November 1, 2004
Is a self-caused being possible, except in the case of an Uncaused Cause. Is a self-caused action (i.e. an action not caused by another) impossible? I suppose, the answer to both is no.

We cannot *be* (exist) prior to our *being* (existence), but we have to *be* before we can *do*. Even a do-nothing being is logical. One has to exist (perhaps in invisible Aristotelian forms, along with the physical forms),before one can act.

The Platonic ineffable form will not be adequate to explain onsciousness.
However, there is no need to separate the engine from the energy, or Piaget's cognitive constructs from actual physical structures, if the Aristotelian forms are *real*. There seems to be a scientific basis for the reality of these forms (as invisible but real physical configurations, if dark matter and possibly dark chemistry are also taken into consideration), which is brought out in a recent Noetic Journal article (Vol 4, # 4, October
2003, Eccles Centennial Edition),

See periodictableofpersonalities/

Best regards

Philip Benjamin

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