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 Dark matter may be just as real as visible matter, but a subtler form of matter. The physical (and chemical) properties of dark matter are unknown. Devoid of electrical charges, the dark matter permeates the visible matter without being detected. Will charge-less particles form dark atoms? Will they then interact strongly with each other and with ordinary matter? If subtle dark matter chemistries exist, they may yield subtle bodies and may give us a theoretical basis for the subtleties of the mind. Then, the possibility exists for dark atom structures and chemistries which are parallel to ordinary structures and chemistries, but undetectable. That sounds like the mind stuff. It is conceivable that the confirmation of a chemically active dark matter will have a great impact on science in this century. Mind is admittedly mystifying. It is invisible and undetectable, but is coupled to the physical body, in and through which mind operates. However, a mystery per se need not be metaphysical or mystical.

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Gondolas in Venice; Size=240 pixels wide

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